Specialty breads

We make a number of specialty breads including rye sourdough mini loaves and batards, ciabatta, and Turkish bread rolls.

Our sourdough breads are made using a natural leaven that we tend every day to provide yeast to make the bread rise and create the distinctive sourdough taste.  Nothing artificial, just flour, water, salt, and leaven.

The ciabatta and Turkish breads are made from a simple “high hydration” dough, no artificial additives, flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, and yeast.

The bakery’s woodfired oven gives our specialty breads a unique flavour and crust.

2 thoughts on “Specialty breads

  1. First time in Rylstone and the best surprise in bakeries I have had in a long long time.The warm garlicky cheese and bacon twist to die for, the warm sourdough loaf and the the best fruit bun I’ve had in years. Yum.

  2. Your lamb and veggies pies are to die for and your sausage rolls are THE best! I was disappointed that I had missed out, by mere seconds, on getting a taste of the sourdough bread…. 🙁

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